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After nearly 90 years of heavy use by the neighborhood, the Lyon Park Community House is in dire need of a complete renovation.  Its bathrooms are tiny and inaccessible to many citizens, plumbing is problematic, electrical and HVAC system increasingly overloaded, some walls are cracking and in general, the intensive wear and tear of nine decades is showing in all areas of the building.

After several years and countless hours of effort by neighborhood volunteers, the community has settled on complete renovation plan.  A picture of the plan is available here.  Highlights of the design include:

  • Refurbished main hall with improved lighting, flooring, etc

  • Renovated galley kitchen

  • Expanded closet/storage space

  • A completely rebuilt, expanded kitchen, with modern appliances

  • New heating, electrical and plumbing systems

  • ADA-compliant bathrooms

  • A western sunroom opening up onto the park

  • New entrances from the park side of the building

  • Return to original stucco siding

  • Landscaping to ensure the building connects to park surroundings

The renovated building will offer significant benefits over today’s LPCH:

  • A more pleasant, “adult” space (clean finished, better lighting, less wear and tear)

  • Better connection to Lyon Park through the sun room

  • More energy-efficient and economical operation of the building

  • In short, a larger space able to better host community and private gatherings

Design Status as of November 2011

The activities of the Building Committee and the project architect, LAB, have proceeded as far as presenting the "permit drawing set" of architectural drawings to the Board of Governors of the Community House. Permission has been received to take the final steps of 1) securing a survey to be the basis for site drawings and coordination discussions with the Arlington County Department of Environmental Services as to storm water management requirements, and 2) having a final pre-submission discussion with the County's Building Official to make sure that the package is ready for submission.  Once these last few coordination actions are complete, the drawings can be revised to final form and, with Board approval, the committee can take them forward to secure building permits.

With permitting underway, it will be possible to begin preparing a Request for Proposals (RFP) with the intention of distributing the RFP to a list of potential bidders.  The list will likely be developed in conjunction with LAB because the firm has current knowledge of available and appropriate contractors due to recent work the firm has done on a similar type of local project.  This is timely and convenient for our needs as it helps reduce some of the risk associated with finding a suitable contractor for this project.

These Building Committee activities as well as others related to the overall project -- not the least of which is fund raising -- can be very time consuming and take lengthy periods to work through. It will take patience and more work in addition to all that which has gone before in order to get to the point of construction.  At this point, though, all the signs are good and there is every indication that County officials and staff are working with us and for us on this project.  It will be exciting to reach the milestone of breaking ground.

Fundraising Status as of November 2011

  • All-in-all, we need to raise about $700,000.  This amount includes construction, contingencies, architectural fees, permitting, all fundraising costs, etc etc.  By the end of 2010, we had raised approximately $330,000 in total

  • The Board of Governors (which oversees the renovation process) has agreed that if we can raise an additional $100,000, we should be able to finance the remaining amount and do the renovation in 2012

  • As of November 1, we have raised roughly $25,000 in 2011.  We still need to raise roughly $75,000 to get to a point where we can begin construction in 2012!

Interesting factoids, as of November 1, 2011

  • Over 30 events have been organized by our neighbors to raise money for the renovation

  • We now have 445 named donors

  • 50 Ashton Heights families and 110 Lyon Park families have donated in the past 2 months

  • 48 entities (families, businesses, organizations) have given or pledged $1800 or more

  • 100 entities have given $500 or more

  • Fillmore, Highland and 4th Street residents have given the most in Lyon Park; Jackson Street residents have given the most in Ashton Heights.  Click here for a street by street analysis.

Can you give?

  • All donations are 100% tax deductible; for tax purposes, we will mail an annual summary of donations to each donor in January.

  • You can make a pledge and then spread out your payments over time (up to three years).  For a pledge form, click here

  • All ‘Major’ and ‘Leading’ donors, who give $1800 or more, will have their names (or family names) permanently presented on the wall of the renovated Community Center

  • Ashton Heights residents (or any other donors) who donate $1800 will get reduced Lyon Park residential rental rates for 5 years after the renovation is complete;  donors who give $6,000 or more will get lifetime reduced Lyon Park residential rental rates.

  • You can donate securities directly for tax savings purposes.  For details please contact Bill Anhut at (703) 528-3665 or

  • Online donations can be made here:

  • Checks can be mailed to:
Lyon Park Community Center
PO Box 100191
Arlington VA 22201

For questions or comments, please email

Thank you for including Lyon Park in your charitable giving plans!